T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide

ROLE: Senior Visual Designer
Worked in collaboration with Design Manager, Designers, Usability, Business Owners, CMF team (Color, Material, and Finish) and OEM throughout design process on myTouch 4G Slide. Lead design for creation of moodboards, themes, and wallpapers (6). Maintained sections of evolving Toolkit/Styleguide. Translated wireframes to final visual design and executed final production and redlines on a variety of applications including: Gallery, Genius Button, and Out of Box Experience.

  • Type Mobile Design

Default Lockscreen and Homescreen

"Aubergine" theme elements and moodboard were created for a Mature and Expressive audience

"Brooklyn" theme elements and moodboard were created for a Youthful and Expressive audience

Sample of default, "Aubergine", and "Brooklyn" themed contact list screens